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34A Jana Matejki
Łódź, województwo łódzkie


Our Mission


Our mission is to assure high-quality education according to the English National Curriculum and bring up a well-educated citizens of the world and can be briefly expressed in two quotes:


We care about kids. We care about education. 

We just can't promise quality. We assure quality.


Aims of our school:

  1. Provide a broad and balanced curriculum, based on the English National Curriculum,
  2. Create a secure, stimulating and happy environment for pupils,
  3. Encourage creativity, initiative, independence and the pursuit of excellence,
  4. Educate children to participate actively in all aspects of modern culture,
  5. Develop a sense of responsibility, concern for fellow pupils, and respect and for the school and the community,
  6. Encourage understanding and tolerance of other cultures,
  7. Develop concern for the environment,
  8. Encourage the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

So that our pupils:

  1. Are motivated and learn happily and effectively,
  2. Are well behaved, considerate and cooperative,
  3. Make appropriate progress and fulfill their potential,
  4. Are successful in examinations and well prepared for advanced academic study,
  5. Understand and appreciate other cultures,
  6. Can successfully pursue appropriate careers,
  7. Are able to deal with the demands of adult life in a rapidly changing technological world.

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— Adam Trim, Head of BISUL